About Us

As parents of three little ones, we have had our fair share of researching what the best and safest products are for our children. In that search, we discovered that silicone utensils are not only durable but they are also safe to use with any type of food. This is in contrast with plastic which is full of BPAs that are very harmful for any human being, especially the growing ones. That is how the idea of YAE baby product was born. You will notice that all our products (except for the beanies) are made of food grade silicone and free of harmful chemical.

If those are not reasons enough to help you choose silicone utensils for your mini you, then think about the environment. Because silicone is more durable, we use it longer, and for every silicone utensil, you are keeping two similar plastic utensils out of the landfill. Let’s all do our part in preserving a beautiful planet for our children and their children.

We hope you enjoy shopping with us. We prepare your order with all the care, as we would our own baby.

With love,

YAE Baby Products Team